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, are you the republican governor of indiana. >> for two more months. >> stephen: previously director of office of management and budget under george bush. senior advisor to reagan, you've been around for a long time, okay. and you've got a book here, out in paperback now called keeping the republic, saving america by trusting americans. so what do you mean by that? do i have to trust all americans? because my understanding is there are about 47% who are parasites. (cheers and applause) can we trust each other? >> yeah, sure. and you know, i think the point, stephen, is that democracy really only works if people are allowed to make their own decisions. and i think a lot of folks with perfectly good intentions believe that you or i maybe we're just victims, you know, and we need them to page decision for us. we might pick the wrong mortgage or the wrong credit card or the wrong health care. we might pick the wrong light bulb, you know. >> stephen: uh-huh. >> so you know-- . >> stephen: we might buy paint that has lead in it. we might drive cars that have lead in it. we might live next
but that president obama made into a swing state in 2008 is the great state of indiana. indiana flipped from red to blue in the presidential contest. president obama is not necessarily expected to pull off the same thing this year in indiana. but this year there's a really hot race in indiana in the senate. after a tea party primary cost senator richard lugar his senate job, the republican candidate in indiana ended up being the guy on the left side of your screen richard mourdock. he's up against joe donnelly. since he made his rape comment at a debate a few weeks ago, in very, very, very, very red state indiana, the republican candidate is now behind in that state senate race. he's losing the race by double digits. here's the interesting thing about that poll to. it's a poll in indiana, which almost never happens. it's really weird, but nobody nationally never knows what's going on in indiana politics because they don't poll in indiana. in indiana, it's illegal to make automated calls for telemarketing purposes and for public opinion surveys like polling. you can't use an auto dialing device u
, and this information is comingnn as we're sitting here. the sta of indiana has been projected. mitt romney is projected the winner in the state of indiana. that is a state barackbama won narrow w but he did win it four years ago. but this is not a surprise. it was expected to go for republican. >> ifill: we're watching much bmore to see what happens in indiana in the senate race. we're hearing that vermont, the toesident once again in the green mountain state, the networks are projecting thates barack obama wil win in vermont. >> woodruff: now we'll have complete analysias was watch these calls w and projections ce in. we'll have completena asisna and reaction to the latest returns just ahead on the pbsnd newshou. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> c is a uvers languae. when i w in an accident i wac2 worried the healtcare stem c2e lauall its own witunited health care i gotot helthat fit mlife, c2formion on mphone, coection to ctorwho getet where i'from, tools to eime wh mcare m cost.t. i never miss . >> wee more tn 78,0 peoplec2 looking out for more tn 70 llion ericans. that's
far if you put indiana and kentucky together, that's 19 electoral votes for mitt romney to start out with. we knew he was going to get those votes, we expected two states that are too early to call both georgia and south carolina, are both going to go for romney eventually anyway, we don't know that, we don't have any raw vote, but in preelection polling it was clear those were part of romney's base. georgia was a state that president obama was hoping to target. didn't look like that was going to come true. vermont, three electoral votes for the president, now on the board too, but that was expected. the one we're watching, guys, is the state of virginia. 13 electoral votes. both candidates have been targeting the state. 40% of the vote comes from the counties of northern virginia near washington, d.c. the other parts of the state are more conservative, more rural, more southern, and that's where it gives mitt romney hope of offsetting the margins that president obama could run up in northern virginia. we're just beginning to know what's happening tonight, but virginia is really the
they realize that they not going to win, obviously. north carolina and indiana, two states they won before. they think there is a firewall in the midwest and the three states they want are ohio, wisconsin, and iowa and nevada and, if they win those four states, they'll be all right. they don't have to win florida and virginia then. >> one thing we know by tomorrow night, we won't know the answer to any of those questions. >> exactly. >> we thank you. mark. as the candidates move on, mitt romney will end the evening in new hampshire and the president's going home to chicago. >> all right, guys. election officials in d.c. say about 52,000 people voted early this year. more than twice as early in the september 2010 primary and that is adding up to more than 10% of the population. comes with long waits, two hours or more in some cases. >> yes, we k. >>> supporters of maryland's question four rallied. it would grant in-state tuition for illegal immigrants who arrived as children provided they meet several requirements. >> they have the ambition and passion and drive to be positive forces in the
are starting to count votes. indiana, kentucky, georgia, vermont, and virginia are done. we are watching this vote across the country. right now the focus is on virginia, the first of nine so- called swing states. >> and the most critical state of these early swing states. virginia had 13 electoral votes. the polls closed about 3 minutes ago. we're expecting to get numbers soon. president obama was the first president to get the vote since lyndon johnson. it was a very, very close state for both candidates right now. obama has a slight lead in virginia. let's check one more time, see if any numbers have come in. we'll be keeping an eye on virginia. of course ohio, florida, and the other swing states as well. >> one of the states we mentioned, only one we mentioned in which president obama is expected to win is vermont. three electoral votes. we are continuing to monitor vermont. we want to take you now to indiana. as you see here, we have 5% reporting. romney is leading in indiana. president obama won the state of indiana four years ago. we do have one state right now, kentucky, with its
tester, heidi heitkamp from the dakota, joe donnelly for sure from indiana, these are people who won because they were saying i am an independent voice, i will not be beholden to my party. and i think that you have an opportunity -- whether or not they take it and not is quite another question -- but you have an opportunity to have a new center in the scented. it would be mostly made up of democrats, unfortunately. but i think it will be interesting to watch all of these people and how they behave, particularly when it comes to tax reform. i think it is one place where they could be tremendously influential and be the bridge that sort of gets it done. >> terrific. ice build think we have a microphone assistance. let's -- i still think we have microphone assistance. let's play stump the band -- >> i think it is stump the chumps. >> anybody closer already have a microphone? >> what do you see the relationship between the hill and the cabinet agencies? committees are usually working pretty well. congressional relations people at the agencies, used the politicals of the democratic side -
at indiana, this was a state that barack obama picked up four years ago by the thinnest of margins. but having to add to that red state blew it is back to read tonight. we can estimate when all the votes are in. indiana will tippett's 11 electoral votes to of mitt romney. again, these are largely as expected. in vermont also as expected, barack obama wins the state of vermont. so, again, these are pretty much in line with what had been expected. the gubernatorial race there, hanging on and will likely be governor. there was that threat to challenge that. maybe split tickets along with of vermont line. that is not happening this year. it is not unusual, for example, to have a republican governor and in the case of lombardi sanders, an independent mayor. burlington and now, of course, an independent senator. he will easily win reelection tonight. that was never much in doubt. bernie sanders, practically a rock star in the state of vermont. still very early. we are in no way, shape, or form able to project averaging is going to go. that is very closely monitored. thirteen electoral vo
that brings mitt romney 3 electoral votes. indiana went to president obama four years but not this time, mitt romney has been declared the winner of indiana, 55 to 45%. take a look at kentucky, another win for mitt romney, 59 to 41%. again, no surprises here. these are states that didn't turn out any differently than projected. >> let's take another look at another state and that is the state of west virginia, you can see with the five electoral votes going to mitt romney. if you look here, you can see south carolina went to mitt romney. no big surprises. we want to take to you vermont that went to president obama. that too was expected. if you take a look at the map where we are focusing on is ohio. mitt romney capturing the neighboring states. a key battleground state, continuing to monitor the results, coming in by the minute, watching ohio and florida carefully. >> voters are voting on the legalizing of marijuana. this national trend and unusual one way this law enforcement has gotten involved in the campaign. >> another piece of history that could be made. one of these states could be th
moving through ohio and indiana and down through kentucky, that is advancing east. ahead of that, it's wild. low 60s in the ohio valley. closer to us, the clouds are broken up. 52 at reagan national. suburbs down in the 40s, panhandle of west virginia. southern maryland around the tidal potomac and the tid water region of the bay, generally in the low 50s. this morning, here's your hour by hour forecast. by 6:00 a.m., may have patchy fog forming. upper 60s by midafternoon with increasing clouds rolling through and getting more humid too. a look at tonight, that's in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. thanks, tom. >>> checking the roads for you, let's start along 395. an early morning crash blocking the southbound lanes. as you travel 395 southbound at seminary road, your three right lanes are blocked. over to road work on the dulles toll road, what's going to happen is from the access road, you're going to have to get in the toll lanes and follow directions from that area. around the beltway, outer loop at central avenue, can't see it on c
the supreme court ruled on indiana's voter i.d. law, they found it to be constitutional, and guess what? after the laws were passed in indiana in georgia, minority participation in the electoralç process increased for blacks by 40%. so i find it veryxd hard to believe and i'm tired of being talked down to as a black woman and being told what i can't do, to me our message needs to be what's wrong with the 11%? they need to get with the game and get an i.d. to vote. >> i'm supposed to be going with google and the civil rights leader are about to jump out of their chairs. >> i'm going to be very, very brief. no one here is saying we can't. all of us have overcome something in our lives. that's not the issue, but we fought a battle for equality and justice a long time ago. if we don't stand up for it now our children and grandchildren will be fighting. >> but how -- >> crystal i'll give you a chance to get back in. we're going to do this fá dignified. >> you raise whose fault it is people don't have i.d.s. my grandmother's birth she doesn't have a birth certifica certificate. it's in the bible.
centros de información con ayuda para la comunidad latina . >> indiana claros ya voto, dice que invita que todos vayan a votar, dice que usted se sentirá igual de comodo cuando votaba en su país. >> hay personas de la comunidad hispana que es conveniente para todo este país lleno de inmigrantes de todas las nacionalidades. >> mañana lunes los centros de votacion estarán abiertos desde las 8 de la mañana hasta las cinco de la tarde, si necesita ayuda en español, sólo tiene que decirle. >> más de 800 mil votantes del área de la bahía hicieron su voto, aumento de un ocho por ciento para las elecciones presidenciales. >> más de una cuarta parte de los votanes den santa clara lo hacen por correo. >> la juventud no está tan interesada en las elecciones presidenciales del seis de noviembre, como hace cuatro años, pero su voto pdoria se decisivo. >> a pocas horas de las elecciones presidenciales del seis de noviembre, en los centros está lata la temperatura, pero la juventud parece no motivada para votar. >> el voto joven estaba asociado el 2008 al movimiento de la paz, de termina
, indiana has had 38 powerball winners. missouri, following with 26. the most tickets are sold in florida, which has seen four winners in just the past three years. advisers say winners should take a lump sum payment. and for a singer winner at this point, that would mean walking away with a cool $327 million before taxes. >>> the looming fiscal cliff is one reason you may want to take that lump sum. if no deal is reached, and taxes go up, most financial advisers say that could cost the winner millions. >>> and with that fiscal cliff ahead, president obama is mounting a full-court press, making his case for higher taxes on wealthier americans, even as critics accuse him of being back in campaign mode. he'll meet today with mittle-class meshes who taxes will go up if there's no deal by the end of the year. and he talked to high-powered ceos about cutting the nation's deficit. >>> susan rice, who is the front-runner to be the next secretary of state, is back to capitol hill for more meetings with some of her harshest critics. the topic this time, her comments after the attack on the consula
will be in indiana and kentucky, but all eyes are on the swing states, many believe it will decide the election. polls in virginia close at 7:00 eastern with north carolina the subject of the battle for ohio and parts of florida behind. they close at 7:30. the results will come fast on on battleground states indicative of how independent voters ultimately all voters will decide this race. as tight as they have been nationally, four years ago president obama became the first democratic and 44 years to win virginia. going into election day today, virginia's 13 editorial votes are considered to be in play and virginia remains a state both campaigns deemed critical to the editorial college victory. governor romney's path to victory narrowing considerably without virginia. sending the first lady for last-minute rally yesterday. the home of this year's democratic national convention and the 15 editorial votes could easily move to the republicans. remember two weeks ago the obama campaign aide claimed the president had given up on north carolina. the two met campaigns have spent $170 million on campai
richard lugar's seat in indiana last night, defeating state treasurer, richard mourdock. he joins me now. well, mr. donnelly, congressman, i am so impressed, you gave up a safe seat in the house, you risked it all, you put it all on -- i guess you put it on blue, the democratic ticket. and you bet -- were you better off running against mourdock, who ended up being a bit loosy goosy, or better off going against dick lugar? >> chris, thank you very much. what i bet on were the people of indiana, that we're a common sense -- we have a common sense attitude, we're conservative, but we believe in the basics, getting things done. and we're not extreme. and what happened was this campaign came down to someone with very extreme positions and what i tried to do was just focus on the middle. the same place where senator lugar has been for the longest time, is just trying to do common sense things. moving our country forward. and, you know, i thought that that made a lot of sense, that that's where hoosiers were, and we were very fortunate last night. >> you've been on the front lines, and there's
the polls close is indiana senate where richard murdoch the republican who had a gaffe about rape and abortion is fighting against a moderate joe donley, democrat. this should be a lockdown republican seat but it's close. it was close before the gaffe. because they ousted richard lugar a more moderate republican. it's that seat and the missouri seat where the republicans could have given away two morrison at seats. if this was, astuter and christina said this was the golden opportunity for the republicans to take back the senate. >> woodruff: is there a thread running through all that or are these just isolated instances of what happened in individual races? >> i mean the republicans, this is not... this is becoming a pattern with republicans. i mean it happened in 2010. they had a chance to knock out harry reid. the senate majority leader. they nominated angle instead and lost. they lost christine o'donnell over mike castle in delaware. they've done too... they nominated mr. buck in colorado over miss norton who would have won. probably would have beaten michael bennett. they've
head wind. the same is true in indiana. it is still a very strong republican state. you have a mike pence who is running for governor who has a very big margin there. we are still hopeful governor romney will win big in indiana. we help our candidates will have a good night their. -- we help our candidates will have a good night there. it will come down to turnout. >> bin hindsight because this race is so close, was that a mistake? >> all those decisions get made based on circumstances at the time. i think that there have been some money put in there now by the nrse as a lot of other folks are playing them in the state of missouri. you never really know sometimes until these races start to take place in the cycle. i think what they have done is try to make the best decisions they can based on information they have about what our best opportunities are for winning seat and allocate resources accordingly. this is one that is on everybody's radar screen. weeping missouri is a very real possibility of coming through. even though it is develop late, it is not too late in order for us to
for romney. romney in south carolina, indiana, and kentucky. the projections give obama 3 electoral votes and they hope the number adds up to 270 or more needed to win the election. obama and the first lady arrived at home in chicago. the president wrapped hip his campaign with a visit to ohio and other swing states and criticized his opponents economic policies. he said romney would only increase the gap between rich and moor. romney voted in belmont, massachusetts. he, too, visited ohio and other swing states at the end of the campaign. he told voters obama failed in his efforts to fix the economy. we're drawing on the projections of our partners at u.s. broadcaster abc news. before the ballots are counted they're using exit polls to project the results state by state and analyze the counting and feed that into the model. we'll update the electoral votes projected for each candidate and we're starting to see those tick up. millions of americans get their say in who becomes president. what happens after that seems like a riddle to some. thanks for joining us. how do election officials de
, less than 15 minutes. >>> deadly blast levels homes in indiana. next, the big mystery police and firefighters are trying to solve. >> officials begin adding up damage from superstorm sandy, the huge financial aid new york state alone could be (kx;x;x;x;x;x$j >>> welcome back. clear from sutro tower off to the east little frost in some of our valleys rain on the way. all the details coming up. more news. >>> investigators still don't know what caused a blast in an indiana neighborhood that killed two people saturday night. the explosion was so powerful the house at the center of it, is gone as many as 30 other damaged homes may have to be demolished. damage extents for two blocks. last night neighbors held a candlelight vigil for the second grade teacher and her husband who were killed. it does not appear to be a natural gas leak. >>> new york governor cuomo lance to ask the federal government for 30 billion dollars in disaster aid. -- state officials tally the damage at more than 50 billion dollars , making it the nation's second costly yes, sir storm behind hurricane sandy,
in washington. so i have great respect for you senator. the senator from indiana is recognized, sir. >> distinguished members of the house and veterans committee, i appreciate this opportunity to address this joint committee in order to introduce a very distinguished hoosier, james e. koutz as he presents his current legislative priorities to this committee. over the course of my service to the united states senate, i've had the distinct honor to spend time with hoosier members in all branches of the military. each time, i'm reminded of how fortunate we are as a nation to have so many men and women to step forward and defend the ideals on which our republic was founded. it is our duty to ensure those who bear the burden of defending our nation in military service receive the care and support they have earned upon their return to civilian life. since its founding in 1919, the american legion and its members have worked closely with officials in providing that support. i am also very proud and honored that the american legion is headquartered in my hometown of indianapolis, indiana.
of the runners. meanwhile, the trotters in san jose were joined by indiana jones and also super mario brothers. check that out. >>> the dining room was full at churchill downs as about 7,000 people feasted on thanksgiving turkey at kentucky's legendary horse track. a few thousand more came out just for the races. >>> in ohio, what was once the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster came crashing down. the final pieces of king island's son of beast ride had closed permanently in 2009 following an accident that had reportedly injured a woman. >>> and for the second year in a row, a wire fox terrier is america's top dog. oh, look at him. the 4-year-old named sky was named best in show over more than 1500 other dogs in this year's national dog show. >>> well, most americans celebrated the thanksgiving holiday with family, friends, and football. about 68,000 of them are far from home. and even though the new york jets played like turkeys, the team did a very nice thing for some of our soldiers in afghanistan. atia abali has their story. >> reporter: thanksgiving in afghanistan and these
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into the campaign. outspending murphy 4-1. in indiana, joe donnelly completed his come back against richard murdoch winning that state's race. murdoch never recovering after suggesting a n. a debate last month that if a woman became pregnant by rape it was something god intended to happen. democrats also able to hold on to several seats considered up for grabs. todd akin's rape comment proved too much for him to overcome. in virginia, governor tim kane pulled out a victory against george allen. in ohio sherrod brown won over josh mendel. and in maine, independ angous king easily won the state's u.s. senate seat currently held by olympia snow. the one notable senate pickup for republicans in nebraska where deb fischer flibed ben nelson's seat defeating bob kerrey. democrats hold 51 seats and harry reid already called on republicans to end their "strategy of obstruction gridlock and delay." we're still waiting for the official results from the races in montana, nevada, and north dakota. mark halpern, if we go back to the top of that list, elizabeth warren versus scott brown, tight all the way. what d
mourdock's collapse in indiana is now causing headaches for michele bachmann. next, find out how the tea party darling is trying to spin mourdock's rape remarks. >>> the fox and friends see a conspiracy theory in a hurricane sandy benefit concert. >> hurricane benefit or a concert for obama? >> we'll take a seat on the crazy couch ahead. >>> and wisconsin is looking strong for the president, but not for paul ryan. >> you're sick and tired of it, and i am too. >> john nichols has the latest from the badger state. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." should have been an easy win for the gop, but remarks made by republican indiana senate candidate richard mourdock about rape victims and abortions are taking their toll. the latest polling shows democrat joe donley ahead by double digits. the washington post changing the race from tossup to leading democratic. nebraska was supposed to be in for the bag for the republicans as well, but now tea party favorite deb fisher who holds the same view as mourdock, on abortion, is losing ground to her democratic opponent, former senator bob kerrey. kerrey
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romney. tonight polls begin closing about 6:00 eastern time in kentucky and indiana. our first big clue, though, about how the night will unfold will come after 7:00 when polls close in another half dozen states, including the battleground of virginia with 13 electoral votes up for grabs. the state president obama turned blue in 2008 by a seven-point margin. the latest nbc news wall street marist poll shows a statistical tie there. the next batch of closings, ohio and north carolina. as we've heard many times now, no republican has ever won the white house without taking the state of ohio. the president has maintained a small but steady lead there partly due to his support of the auto bailout. the unemployment rate lower than the national average and people feeling better about the direction of the economy than in many other parts of the country. still, though, a columbus dispatch poll shows the state tied within the margin of error. with their voices strained from around the clock campaigning, both candidates spent the eve of the election offering closing arguments across a combined se
hall.afi >>> 80 homes damaged, to people killed, the cause still unknown. what is next in indiana, after that mysterious blast >>> beautiful picture wanted to show you the gorgeous colors this morning isn't that tremendous as we look southeast. high clouds not as cold as it was over the weekend, still seeing 30s especially in the east bay and north bay valleys and around los gatos. low to mid 40s san francisco]6Ñ÷ in the afternoon 50s coast low to mid 50s the rest of us best thursday. >>> if you have to come to san francisco, great morning to do it, pretty, chilly, light at the bay bridge toll, no issues, into metering lights no problems upper deck light out of novato through central san rafael past freitas parkway to north san pedro road past civic center moving at limit couple problems with ace trains, number 120 minutes late, number 3, -- number 1, 20 minutes late, everybody is on a regular schedule this veterans day. >>> ahead, lance armstrong makes a decision about his livestrong charity following the doping scandal. >>> splintered wood and charred earth is all that remains
. but then there is the state of indiana. "fox news" now projects governor mitt romney will win the state of indiana which president obama did win four years ago. that's a turnover. 5% of the votes in but the model suggests to us it is good gh to mitt romney according to the "fox news" decision team has won the state of indiana. "fox news" also projects governor romney will win in the bluegrass state kentucky with 4% of all precincts reporting. 2/3 of all voters are voting "fox news" ney and projects romney wins kentucky. outh too close to call in s carolina. none of the precincts are can project t we president obama will win in the state of vermont. six states where the polls have just closed. we've made calls in two of them. and in the others we can't yet make a call but they'll come. three important senate races among those that have just called. we have three in virginia, democrats are trying to hold tant seat.por for now that race is too close to call between kain and allen. this senate race will give us a lot of information about the way voters were pushed and pulled. there is a third party candidat
donnelly won the senate seat for democrats in indiana, a huge and what unexpected victory for democrats, makes it almost impossible for republicans to win back the senate. we have declared long ago that the house will stay in republican hands, it now looks like the senate will stay in democratic hands. so it's all down to the presidential race about whether or not we have a status quo, divided government in washington. the early states that have been called are very much looking in barack obama's favor; pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota, wisconsin. four states in the manufacturing belt of this country that the president desperately needed to hold to win re-election, it looks like he's going to hold all four of those states. mitt romney desperately wanted to put pennsylvania into play in the final weeks of this campaign, invested time, invested money, did not pick up the state. what's important is virginia, florida and ohio. mike, you've got some inside dope on virginia and florida in particular. >> yeah. just to set the stage for the drama of the next hour or so, the mitt romney math st
here. the state of indiana has been projected. mitt romney is projected the winner in the state of indiana. that is a state barack obama wol narrowly but he did win it four years ago. but this is not a surprise. it was expected to go for republican. >> ifill: we're watching much more to see what happens in indiana in the senate race. we're hearing that vermont, the president once again in the green mountain state, the networks are projecting that barack obama will win in vermont. >> woodruff: now we'll have complete analysis as we watch these calls and projections com we'll have complete analysis and reaction to the latest returns just ahead on the pbs newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> music is a universal language. when i was in an accident i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own. with united health care i got help that fit my life, information on my phone, connection to doctors who get where i'm from, and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never miss a beat. >> we're more than 78,000 people looking out fo
historian. >> the associated press calls indiana, kentucky, south carolina, and -- for romney and vermont for obama. we will focus on the more competitive senate races and next up we join the political coverage from politico, here on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> give up on the fight to make sure the middle class is growing. >> welcome to politico live. a special wecome tlcome to c-sp, when we began with pawlenty's announcement on youtube 580 days ago. i am joined by john harris, mike aaron, karen -- politico is the better place for it. polls closing in most states on the east coast. some pivotal states closed. virginia, ohio, and pennsylvania -- it will be a late night. it couldn't be a bigger night in politics. it was 50-50 500 days ago and ended as a 50-50 race. and the exit polling shows it is 50-50. the senate, democrats control -- it doesn't look like the republicans will take control. democrats think they can get seats. the republicans with a 25 seats in the house as a majority
are watching, and the polls are closed in these areas. this is the indiana senate race. richard mourdock, a name that has stirred some controversy, we have been watching this closely. he is trailing slightly to the democrat, but only 48% of precincts reporting, and it is still too close to call. the state of virginia as well as one we have watched closely. close one with the republican. there is an independent candidate here as well with the thinking was might get some numbers, but you can see apparently not playing much of a part. 31% of the votes are in, and so far, republican george allen with a slight lead, another name you might remember well. in the missouri senate race, clare macassar go and -- claire mccaskill and todd akin -- akin trailing. this is the one democrats did not seek to win anyway, and suddenly, they got a gift in their han still to close to call their, as it is in the state of massachusetts where they have pumped millions of dollars into the senate race. scott brown, the incumbent, the republican who won with his truck for last time around. elizabeth warren has come
called by abc. indiana and kentucky goes to governor romney and vermont goes to president obama. that's pretty much it. >> election over. good night everybody. >> of course, those were results suspected. nothing surprising there guys. one thing to watch and in a half hour we'll have north carolina closing, and i imagine virginia closed, it will take a while to get as a result from them. as north carolina closes if it takes a while to get information from north carolina, that would mean good thing out of virginia. these are things that you look at at this time of the night and it doesn't mean anything, but if north carolina isn't immediately called, that's good signs for the president. >> cenk: it's election night already. indiana for romney, and cnn is calling kentucky for romney. these are not at all surprising, but i love all calls. i plan to be shouting about them all night long. let me give you some interesting exit polls. again, i talked with governor spitzer about this just a while ago on current. these don't--don't take anything to heart. oh my good i saw an exit poll in hawai'
at the tensions wnd thethey've two senate races thatu n missoui and in indiana. they nominated candidates who were justro0/oo states. if you look back over the last two elections you could say that about five senate seats. this is not just a presidential problem it's a problem upnd down the ballot for republican rty. >> crowley, what have we learned about bk reflect probably his best speech of the whole campaign season. whatavbout him? what tells us how he's going to govern? whether he will circle, whether he will shake up the cabinet. and most importantly reach out and do a better job ofg to get around or work with those opposing him# vigorously in congre? that's still the big $64,000 questif course the longer has to run for re-election again. he has to care about the fate of his party, who his successor is, but he's not going to have to spend the next four years in a handful of swing states four years hence. that could driving a little more aggressively, ta t more aggressive. but that didn't really work so well the first tim around. i really think the key question here actually,th the economy?
states. were people voting for democrats in montana and indiana and wisconsin and elsewhere because of the storm? did the people of those midwestern states say, well, you know what, obama did a good job in the storm, let's re-elect our senator. in the house, we gained house seats. unfortunately the republicans were able to gerrymander the house badly because they won the 2010 election. if we had run this house election by the same districts that existed in 2010 we'd have a democratic house now. we did very well in the democratic senate. this was a very big victory. nearly 3 million in the popular vote, the fifth time in the last six democrats have won the popular vote. as far as mitt romney's tax plan, one, we don't know what it is, he was afraid to tell us what it is because it would have brutal effect and the public did repudiate it. >> the president has been quiet since his victory speech. the campaign today released tape of him speaking to his volunteers and know he will speak on the economy tomorrow. in that little bit we heard from the president, we heard some gesturing toward
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